Acupuncture and Fertility

You want a baby and you are frustrated. Not being able to conceive is very trying, emotional and painful. The good news is that help is available. Reproduction, which is the epitome of the natural process, often times responds with natural treatments. Therefore the best place to start is with the fundamentals of health to restore the body to normal function. Acupuncture, nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, avoidance of toxins, improved digestion and detoxification all play an imporant role in the symphony of conception.

Most patients are aware of their ‘Windows of Opportunity’ or hear the term “Biological Clock” and often believe they are running out of time. In reality, a successful conception and pregnancy relate to the patient’s health more than to the patient’s age. A 40-year-old patient, whose health is restored (including general as well as reproductive health), stands a better chance of conceiving and maintaining pregnancy than a 30-year-old patient who is in poor health.

It is very common for couples today to feel like “it is getting too late; we must employ severe measures.” While its true that the average couple waits until later in life to conceive, we may help “turn back the reproductive clock.” Please be patient with yourself. It takes at least three cycles to normalize a woman’s cycle; longer if she has taken fertility drugs, has a history of sexually transmitted disease, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, or polycystic ovaries. Likewise, it takes 70 days to generate new sperm in a man. If he has a history of drug and alcohol abuse or urological complications, it may take longer to regenerate his reproductive capacity.

You are not alone. Approximately one in six to ten couples experience problems with fertility. Innumerable women grieve the loss of a potential child once a month, and lose a little more hope with each period. We believe that we can give you reason for optimism.

Acupuncture and natural therapies are gentle, yet effective. Conventional Western medicine offers a bigger bang, but we liken this to putting a thumbtack in the wall with a sledgehammer. It is my opinion that taking a natural approach first is in your best interest. If that is unsuccessful you will at least be healthier and better prepared for the more aggressive high tech procedures. We put the tack in the wall with a thumb. It is safe, natural, cost effective, and has no side effects. In fact, we can only make you stronger, while helping create a healthier environment for a harmonious pregnancy. (We will also increase the likelihood of conception if you do opt for the fertility drugs or medically assisted fertilization techniques.)

How can Acupuncture help you!

Increases chance of conceiving
Decreases chance of miscarriage
Decreases stress hormones
Increases blood flow to the uterus resulting in a healthier lining

Improves the function of the ovaries producing higher quality eggs
Improves sperm count, motility, morphology and reduces DNA fragmentation
Prevents uterine contraction post IVF embryo transfer enhancing a successful implant

The Benefits of Medicine

Promote follicular development with certain medications, promote ovulation with other medications, perform intra-uterine-insemination, and in-vitro-fertilization. Western reproductive surgeons can also perform often necessary surgeries to create a fertile environment where polyps, fibroids, uterine anomalies and cervical anomalies are present. Without these types of interventions many infertile women would never have children.

The Powerful Combination of Eastern and Western Medicine

A very powerful study published in the British Medical Journal showed that when acupuncture was used to complement the embryo transfer process, rates of pregnancy and live birth were increased as much as 65%.

You can increase your chances of IVF success between 42% to 60% with fertility acupuncture. Results of a scientific study on Acupuncture and IVF has demonstrated evidence that proves Acupuncture increases the odds of conception with IVF.

New hope has been provided by the encouraging results of a well-designed, German study on acupuncture-assisted in vitro fertility.

The 160 participants were divided into two groups, each receiving a standard in-vitro procedure (IVF). One of the groups, however, received acupuncture before and after implantation. The standard in-vitro group had a 26.3% pregnancy rate, while the acupuncture group showed a 42.5% success rate.

Fertility Success Rates
In-Vitro Fertilization
(IVF) Only
Fertility Acupuncture protocol plus IVF

Acupuncture After Embryo Transfer

Women who continue treatment after embryo transfer throughout the first trimester have higher ongoing pregnancy rates. Why is this? It is the implanted blastocyst (your tiny growing baby) that sends a hormone called human-chorionic-gonadotropin to the corpus-luteum. It is the corpus-luteum that is responsible for the secretion of progesterone, an important chemical for keeping you pregnant.

By continuing to stimulate blood flow to the blastocyst, acupuncture helps to maintain the health and strength of the blastocyst-corpus-luteum relationship, thereby maintaining the proper level of progesterone. Then, after six weeks, your placenta takes over the role of secreting progesterone. Acupuncture stimulates blood flow to the placenta helping it to do its job of protecting and nourishing your growing baby. One major reason for miscarriage is inappropriated blood flow to the placenta.